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What is Vid?


Vid is social media as it always should have been. It is a place for people to express their creativity, remember special moments of their life, build communities around shared interests and connect with their friends and family - all while being rewarded for the value they provide to the platform. Plus, Vid users earn VI (Value Income) every day. Vid is the future of social media. Join our community and find out why.

Is this a scam?


Nope. Everyone who uses the app in a day gets a portion of the VI Tokens available for that day. The value of the VI you earn depends on the community and VI businesses creating value on the platform.

How do I earn more VI?


You can earn more VI by using the app, posting public videos, and increasing your Impact Score. See below for more information on how to increase it.

Is Vid a phone app and what platforms are supported?


Vid is a phone app and is supported on most smartphones, including Apple iOS (iOS 12 and higher, including iPads!) and Android (7.0 and higher).

What makes Vid app different from other video apps?


Earn from what you share! Users earn VI -- a digital currency, much like Bitcoin -- when they create and share Vids, and also when they watch them!

Is Vid free?


Yes. In fact, because you earn VI while watching and posting videos, it’s even better than free!

How does Vid make money?


Vid earns VI tokens when advertisers run ads in the app. (We keep 10% of that VI to run the company, and give 90% back to the users by sending it to the return address.)

Do you allow business profiles?



The VI Token

What is VI?


VI is a digital currency, much like bitcoin. The value of VI is created by users joining Vid and using the platform. Instead of hoarding the value, Vid redistributes it back to the users.

Is the VI Token the same as the VID Token?


Nope. The Vid app uses the VI token. The VID token isn’t related to our company.

Where can I see my VI?


You can see your VI token balance, as well as an in-depth transaction history, by logging into your account at vid.camera.

Can I withdraw VI?


Of course -- they’re yours! Using the website wallet, you can send VI to any compatible ERC20 wallet for a small transaction fee.

1. Get an ERC20 Wallet that you can withdraw your VI to. Some popular wallets include Metamask, MyEtherWallet, and Coinbase.

2. Put your ERC20 wallet address into the Withdraw screen on the Vid app.

3. Press Withdraw. That’s how easy it is!

Is there a minimum for withdrawals?


No, there is no minimum for a withdrawal.

How long does it take for withdrawals to appear?


Usually transactions appear immediately, or within a few minutes, although it can take up to 24 hours or more depending on the Ethereum network.

Does everyone receive the same number of VI?


Your daily share of VI, if you’ve used the app that day, depends not only on your Impact Score but also what country you’re in. For more on this, read the VI Whitepaper at https://vid.camera/files/Vi-UBI.pdf. It has a lot of great information!

Where I can find more information?


For an interesting (and only mildly technical) read, check out the VI Whitepaper at https://vid.camera/files/Vi-UBI.pdf. It has more information about VI, Universal Basic Income, and Vid.

Making & Sharing Vids

What is a Vid?


A Vid is a short video, uploaded to the Vid app. The app is filled with them, and we strongly recommend you watch some of the top ones by downloading the app and diving in!

How much video can I record with the Vid camera?


You can record clips up to 10 seconds each. If you’d like a longer video, you can stitch together multiple clips in the app, to make a 30-second Vid. You can also record a longer video with your phone, up to 30 seconds, and upload it as a Vid.

How long can a Vid be?


Each Vid can be up to 30 seconds long.

Can I import horizontal videos?


Nope. Only vertical videos, filmed with the phone upright, are supported.

Can I add music, text, icons?


Of course! All of these are available in the app.

Can I add transitions, filters, or other effects?


They’re coming!

How many Vids can I publish for a day?


You can publish a single Vid for each calendar day. (However, you can post any number of Vids for the past -- one for each date -- using videos from your camera roll.)

How many Vids can I make public in a day?


You can make two Vids public for others to view every day. However, you can still only have one Vid per calendar date, so at least one of those would have to be for a date in the past. Be warned, though: if you upload a Vid, then delete it and upload it again... it counts as two.

How do I get my Vid on the Trending list?


Trending is based on a Vid’s views, likes, and the creator’s Impact Score, as well as the time since the Vid was first published. More recent Vids, with many likes and views, and a high creator Impact Score, make it more likely the Vid will appear on the Trending list. Caveat: only one Vid per user can appear in the list within any 24-hour timeframe.


What are vibes?


Vibes are like “likes” on any social media app -- except vibes are worth actual money in Vid. When you show your appreciation of someone’s Vid by giving them vibes, you’re also transferring credits to them.

How are vibes worth actual money?


Vibes can be redeemed for the VI token within your account at vid.camera. See above for more information about the VI token!

How do I get Vibes?


1. You get free vibes just by logging into the Vid app every day.

2. You can also get vibes from people that like your videos and send you vibes by tapping on the circles in the bottom right corner of your video.

Impact Score

What is the Impact Score?


Your Impact Score is a score, generated every day, that affects both your influence on the platform and the amount of VI you’re rewarded every day that you’re active. Basically, a high Impact Score means you’ll see more VI in your wallet every day.

How is my Impact Score calculated?


A number of factors affect your score, including how many days in a row you’ve used the app (daily users see much higher scores), how often you view other people’s Vids, how often you make Vids and how often people view them, and your view-to-follower ratio.

How do I increase my Impact Score?


Your impact score is based on your contribution to the Vid platform relative to other users. Increase any of these metrics and your impact score will go up:

Reach – the amount of unique views across all your public vids.

Consistency – the amount of days in a row you’ve pressed the button.

Viewing - the number of Vids you’ve watched.

Creating – the number of Vids you’ve created compared to other users.

Engagement - the amount of unique views across all your public vids divided by your follower number.

Invite score – the amount of people you’ve invited to the app.

Why did my Impact Score drop?


The single biggest reason an Impact Score falls is when users forget to use the app for a day. Don’t worry -- use the app some more, and watch your score climb right back up!

My Impact Score looks wrong!


Your Impact Score, and the elements of it, aren’t a running total. Instead, they’re relative scores, and each element is based on other Vid users’ activities. For example, a Viewing Score of “3” doesn’t mean you’ve watched three Vids. Instead, it means that on a daily basis, you’re viewing more Vids than those with Viewing Scores of “2”, and you’re viewing fewer Vids than those with scores of “5”. That example applies to each element of your Impact Score, and to your total Impact Score overall.

Where can I get more info about Impact Scores


For an interesting (and only mildly technical) read, check out the VI Whitepaper at https://vid.camera/files/Vi-UBI.pdf. It has more information about how we calculate scores, and how VI and Vid works.